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Auckland, New Zealand

Elves - set of six


Meet santas little helpers who all have their own their own personalities.

From left to right -

We have Nylian - red hatted and mysterious... Nylian can be hard to get to know and always seems to be up to something!

Next we have Alok, shy and caring always there when you need a friend!

In the middle with the red hat we have Nym, stands proud and tall. The leader of the Elves! if you need something done, this is your elf!

On the right middle we have Kolvar, cheeky troublesome and always getting up to mischief. If you are after a laugh and a good time Kolvar is who you call!

Second to last we have Tasar, our wee baby elf. The youngest of the bunch Tasar is cared for and loved by all for she is sweet and brings light to all those who are lucky enough to cross paths.

Lastly we have Onas, Onas is the elf who in their own time you will find in the garden picking herbs or growing tomatoes.

These elf friends come in their own wee drawstring bag.